Taking care of your Painted Bigfoot

As the proud owner of your very own Painted Bigfoot, you should be aware of the heavy responsibility you have assumed in the growth and life of your Bigfoot.  We provide some of the following tips to insure your Bigfoot lives a very long and healthy life.

  • Always feed your Bigfoot all-natural polypropylene food, and he will only eat it when you are not watching him.
  • Due to Bigfoot's extreme distain from being caught, he will shed his layer of coloring on you in self-defense.  We suggest if you handle your Bigfoot a lot, you should encase him in a clear acrylic to prevent his self-defense mechanism from activating. 
  • The colors may not look exactly as the photographs due to the fact that it's very hard to get a clear picture of a Bigfoot.
  • Keep your Bigfoot away from Garden Gnomes, Bigfoot love eating Garden Gnomes and will quickly eliminate your entire garden in search of this treat.


  • Do not feed your Bigfoot Jack Link's Beef Jerky, it makes them irritable and rather rascally due to the fact people play practical jokes on their hero, the Jack Link's Bigfoot.
  • Do not refer to your Bigfoot as a Dogman, this really pisses them off, and they will likely drop kick you so hard, that even Google won't be able to find you afterwards.
  • Do not get your Bigfoot wet, or submerge them in water, unlike Gremlins that multiply, Bigfoot doesn't like his fur wet, he doesn't own a hair dryer and it will get all kinds of matted up on him.