Texarkana, Texas - Max's adventure


While Ivy was checking out SOAR NWA, Max traveled to Texarkana, Texas to check things out and went playing mini-golf and riding go-karts with his human cousins.  The day was hot, and the competition was even hotter as the golfing got intense.

Before the fun and games, Max went to eat at Whataburger, had to stock up on them calories he was going to burn off.

Finally upon arriving at the mini-golf, Max wondered what all the excitement was about over hitting a little white ball with a metal club.

Not thinking too much about his strength, Max hit the ball so hard that it ricocheted into next week, not even Google Earth could spot it from above.


This enraged Max so much that he attempted to wrap his golf club around the horn of a nearby rhino, the rhino didn't think it was funny.

After we dug Max out from the dirt where the rhino had stomped him into a mudhole, Max wanted to pet a baby elephant.

But it's Mama didn't appreciate it at all, and once again, Max got stomped into a mud hole.

Taking a break from the mini-golf and the dangerous animals that he kept encountering, Max went to ride the go-karts, only to be told, he had to ride with an adult, since he couldn't produce any ID to show he was over 18.  

Max then made friends with a local, and they traded Arrrrsss!!!! with each other before Max tried the climbing wall.

But poor Max, he was so upset because they didn't have a harness his size, which didn't matter to him as he quickly scaled the tower and proceeded to do his best King Kong impression and swatted the other climbers off the top.  The local animal control officer had to come shoot several tranquilizer darts into him before he dropped to the ground and was escorted out of the amusement park, forever banned from it.